The Sewing Room

Like mother, like daughter... or the other way round in this case! Creativity has always been a big part of our family. I'm just lucky enough that my daughter gives me the drive needed to take a long term hobby to market.

The Sewing Room is where I satisfy my love for making things with fabric. From clothes, curtains, and patchwork quilts to cassocks, cushions and..... bags!   Bags to store everyday items in, such as cosmetics, toiletries and medicines through to larger items like laptops, i-pads and shoulder bags. 
I've spent the last few years learning about the different techniques available which has taken my dabbling with projects from small intricate makes through to larger more complicated projects.

In collaboration with my creative daughter  I have started sewing a range of medium sized toiletries & cosmetics bags, perfect for storing your beautiful handmade soaps! These pretty, lined bags are made using 100% Cotton, which has been waterproofed to protect and store your products safely.

If you would like more information about the other pieces I make, please do get in touch.

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