Our Story so far......

Formally an accountant and in more recent years a dog walker, I had built up my doggie business for nearly 2 years and had recently given up work to concentrate on my furry friends, then Covid came along!
With everyone at home, I needed to find something else to fill my time (not that I had much of that with a husband, two children and a dog to take care of)!


Having always been crafty with a love of making things, and not being able to go anywhere, I thought to learn a new skill that I had been wanting to try for years!! Making soap.....

What started with making simple soaps for friends and family has quickly developed into so much more.

I discovered my passion for preserving nature could be combined with my love of creating, and together this led to the idea of producing simple products using completely natural ingredients. 
Whilst on the journey of learning about the essential oils I wanted to add to my soaps, I discovered how much more they can benefit and enrich our lives. It has changed the way I think about the things we use every day. 

Looking at what we do every day led me on to bath soaks. My husband who runs regularly, was always complaining about his achy muscles at the end of a run. My muscle relief Epsom bath soak has become a firm favourite in our bathroom, I've had to buy a bigger storage tub, and my daughter loves the unicorn and mermaid bath fizz, adding a bit of fun to her baths.


What is next in our adventure? I have lots of exciting projects in hand to try and replace all of our everyday beauty products with natural, homemade alternatives. Not all of them will find their way onto my shop, but you will be safe in the knowledge that the ones that do are not only the best of the best, but are used every day by me and my family.


Stay safe and stay natural.