Wax Melts - Home scents

Wax Melts - Home scents

Keeping your home smelling beautiful has never been so easy.

Try one of our tempting Essential Oil based Fragrances or our gorgeous Frangrance blends.

We guarentee to fill your home with wonderful scents for any occassion.

8 melts per box, each melt lasts 8-12 hours. Over 60 hours of beautiful scents for your home.


April Showers Essential Oil Blend - Tea Tree, Bergamot, Orange & May Chang


Summer Bliss Essential Oil Blend - Chamomile, Neroli, Basil, Lavender & Parfam


Caribbean Berry & Melon Fragrance Oil Blend - Exotic twist of sweet mangos and succulent strawberries.


Fragrant Five - Sexy, sultry and indulgent, scented in the style of one of the most well known perfumes. Marilyn Monroe's signature scent


Guava & Cucumber - An excellent combination of guava and cucumber that will soothe your senses, with its crisp, calming qualities. Then experience rejuvenation with its sweet, uplifting scent.


Ecstasy - Ecstasy is a rejuvenating aroma that will bring you happiness, excitement and pleasure. Citrus undertones and herbal essences make it a delight to the senses.


Seekay - An aroma to enhance the ambience of any room it is shared in. The famous and loved scent of Seekay is a lighter alternative that emits a uniquely divine fragrance.


Hocus Pocus - The name says it all. This magical scent is a delicate musk and floral delight, with an ever so slight hint of spice. Prepare to be spellbound!

Lime, Basil & Mandarin - A refreshing citrus fragrance where notes of juicy mandarin, lemon and a nuance of lime are accompanied by uplifting basil and thyme with a hint of lemongrass and spearmint. These all rest on a cool moss base with accents of labdanum and vetiver

Spa Day - Unisex, crisp and watery this fresh citrus accord opens with bergamot tea and mandarin, ozone and cassis on a floral heart of jasmine and violet supported on a fond of musk, sandal and amber.

  • Safety

    Always use within sight, and never leave unattended. Only burn for 4 hours at a time

    Do not overfill your bowl

    Keep melted wax away from pets and children

    Don’t eat

    Never pour melted wax down plug holes

    Wax / burner will remain hot after the tea light has been extinguished / burner switched off

    Do not try to move the burner until it has cooled completely and the wax has hardened

    Do not add water or fragrance oils to wax melt well

    Keep wax clear of debris

    Only ever use unscented tea lights