• Libbi Clarke

What are carrier oils?

Carrier Oils are vegetable oils that are pressed from the seeds or kernels. (The fatty portion of the plant) They are used with essential oils to ensure they are more effective and comfortable to use. Some essential oils (also know as hot oils) need a carrier oil to dilute them. You cannot put these directly on your skin.

Hot oils - Cinnamon, bark, clove, lemongrass, peppermint, oregano, thyme and thieves blend.

Using a carrier oil helps to keep the essential oil on your skin longer and can help absorb the properties from the oil.

Carrier oils themselves have some fantastic properties too....

Almond Oil Great for dry, itchy skin due to soothing qualities. Contains vitamin E to help moisturize and nourish skin. Can also be used as a deep conditioner for hair.

Avocado Oil

A deep moisturizer packed full of vitamins A, D and E.

Has natural antioxidants that benefit your skin and is great for very cracked feet, chapped skin and dry damaged hair.

Coconut Oil

Two types of coconut oil, virgin and fractionated. Virgin is solid at room temperature while fractionated is a liquid. Contains healthy fatty acids that may help protect your skin and hair by providing antioxidants and moisturizing.

Grapeseed Oil

A cold pressed oil that is silky smooth and easily absorbed through the skin. High amounts of vitamin E helps to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Jojoba Oil

A lighter, less greasy oil that moisturizes dry skin and softens rough cuticles. It can nourish and heal dry lips so is good in lip balms.

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